Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Today’s economic climate brings many unique challenges for companies not only from an accounting aspect. As shareholders, regulators, and other independent stakeholders take a higher interest in the company’s reporting, disclosures and communication of their financial information become increasingly important. In that case, financial accounting advisory services can be of great assistance. 

Business owners are often anxious to manage these additional requirements and have need of external support, knowledge, and experience. 

Our accounting consultants can read more than just numbers and will help you understand how the information you are seeing in your financial reports actually affects your business.

At RMI LLP in Calgary, our in-house financial accounting advisory team will guide you and your business team ensuring that your company meets the added disclosure specifications from regulators, banks, auditors, and independent stakeholders.

Our Financial Accounting Advisory Services Include:

  • Transaction and financial reporting advice
  • Discussions around accounting standards requirements
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Modelling
  • Providing a Business Plan
  • Planning Financial Projections including cash flow forecasts
  • Exploring various Financing Options and opportunities
  • Establishing and reviewing appropriate monthly reports required by third parties like banks

How to start working with RMI's financial accounting advisors?

You can schedule a Free consultation with us. From there we will go through all the aspects of your business and help you improve areas that are crucial for your company’s success.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our financial accounting consulting team. You can also request your free consultation by submitting the form below.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Canadian tax team.

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