American Personal Income Tax

What is an American
personal income tax?

Income taxes in the United States are imposed by the federal, most states, and many local governments. Federal tax rates in USA range from 10-37% depending on your income level. Many states also have a state tax which would be additional, however, many deductions are available to reduce your income amounts and thus reduce your taxable income. 
Taking advantage of these is crucial in saving you tax dollars.

Can I file U.S. taxes
from Canada?

Yes, there are select cross-border tax companies that can help you with filing your U.S. taxes. You can also do this on your own and mail your return to the IRS.

How do I file American
taxes from Canada?

If you want to file American personal income taxes from Canada you have two options. You can hire a U.S. CPA in Canada and have them assist you or you can go through the IRS’ website and print out the forms they have available on their site, complete them, and mail in your return to the IRS.

There is some software available that can assist you with it but most of these are only available in the USA and do not support returns for non-residents (individuals living outside of the USA).

What documents do I need
to file my U.S. taxes?

If you are a Canadian resident the first starting point is to have your Canadian tax return ready. Beyond that you would want to have the details of any U.S. income you have earned, as well as slips you may have received from both Canada and the USA.

Who needs to file
American income taxes?

All American citizens and Green Card holders (even if they live outside of the USA) and anyone with U.S. income needs to file a U.S. return.

Not sure if you have to file U.S. taxes or not? RMI Professional Corporation in Calgary will help you determine whether you need to file American personal income taxes and also to file your taxes with the IRS.

What to expect when working
with RMI in regards of my
American personal taxes?

You can schedule a free consultation with a member of our team, from there we will go through all your paperwork and assist you in filing your U.S. personal income tax return.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our U.S. tax team.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Canadian tax team.

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