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Are you overwhelmed by the intricate world of cryptocurrencies? As digital assets gain prominence, it becomes essential to manage your crypto finances.

At RMI LLP, we recognize the unique challenges of crypto accounting and offer tailored solutions to streamline your digital asset records, ensure tax compliance, and empower you with insights for confident decision-making in the crypto space.

Our seasoned crypto accountants specialize in digital assets, with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and crypto transactions for precise and compliant accounting. Seamless record-keeping provides comprehensive solutions for clarity and control over your portfolio.

Additionally, we ensure tax compliance, guide you through complex crypto tax regulations, and offer strategic insights for portfolio optimization, maximizing your returns.

Crypto Tax and Accounting Services

What is Cryptocurrency Accounting?

Cryptocurrency accounting is the process of tracking, managing, and reporting financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

It also ensures that businesses and individuals maintain accurate records of their crypto holdings and transactions for various purposes, including tax compliance and financial analysis.

Why is Cryptocurrency Accounting Important?

Cryptocurrencies are subject to evolving regulations and tax requirements in many jurisdictions. Proper accounting helps individuals and businesses stay compliant with these regulations, minimizing the risk of legal issues or penalties.

Furthermore, it provides clarity on the financial performance of crypto investments and helps in making informed decisions.

How Does Crypto Accounting Differ from Traditional Accounting?

While there are similarities, crypto accounting has unique aspects. Traditional accounting primarily deals with fiat currencies and physical assets, whereas crypto accounting focuses exclusively on digital assets.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and allow for pseudonymity makes it harder to keep track of and report on them.

Do I Need a Crypto Accountant?

If you hold cryptocurrencies or engage in crypto transactions, it’s advisable to consider the services of a crypto accountant, especially if you have a significant portfolio.

They can help you navigate the complexities of crypto taxation, maintain accurate records, and optimize your crypto investments.

What Services Do Crypto Accountants Provide?

Crypto accountants offer a range of services, including:

Transaction Tracking: Recording and categorizing cryptocurrency transactions, such as purchases, sales, and transfers.
Tax Reporting: Calculating and reporting capital gains, losses, and other tax-related information to tax authorities.
Portfolio Analysis: Analyzing the performance of cryptocurrency investments and providing insights for portfolio optimization.
Compliance Assurance: Ensuring that clients adhere to tax regulations and reporting requirements.

How to get started with your
Crypto Accounting?

You can schedule a consultation* with us. From there we will go through all the aspects of your crypto transactions and help you implement processes that are crucial for your success.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Crypto accounting team. You can also request your consultation by submitting the form below.

*Canadian Personal tax consultations are currently included in our filing fees or can be arranged by appointment at at a rate of $250/hour.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Canadian tax team.

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