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Are you finding that the demands of managing your financial records are growing, leaving you with less time to focus on what truly matters – your business?

When the intricacies of your finances begin to feel overwhelming, it’s a clear signal that professional bookkeeping services could be the solution you need. 

At RMI LLP, we understand the evolving needs of your business and offer expert bookkeeping services in Calgary to simplify your financial records, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide you with the insights necessary to drive your business forward.

Let us help you maintain the financial integrity of your business so you can make informed decisions and achieve long-term success.

Calgary Bookkeepers

When do I know
I need a bookkeeper?

The most common sign of needing bookkeeping services is that you are spending a lot more time on your financial records than before.

As your business grows things might get too busy and complicated. If you are afraid that your business won’t comply with the newest regulations or other requirements it’s time to hire a bookkeeper.

How is bookkeeping different
from accounting?

Even though bookkeeping and accounting are closely tied, there are some differences between the two.

Bookkeeping focuses mainly on identifying and recording financial transactions in order to keep proper and organized records. 

Accounting requires special skills and its objective is to evaluate the financial situation allowing taking important business decisions.

What is double-entry bookkeeping?

Double-entry bookkeeping works with the concept of two sides of accounting transactions. For example, if you borrow money, your cash amount increases but your debt increases as well at the same time. So each entry has a debit and a credit side. 

If you’d like to know more details, feel free to book a free consultation with us using the form below. 

What bookkeepers do for you?

You may be wondering what bookkeepers actually do during their day. At RMI LLP we help our clients with, for example:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly bookkeeping
  • Organizing invoices, receipts, bank and Visa statements
  • Preparing payroll, making remittance payments on time, or assisting in that
  • Preparing and e-filing GST returns on time
  • Preparing T4, T4A and T5018
  • Wage and rent subsidies

Our bookkeepers can also work as controllers on behalf of some clients etc.

Why is bookkeeping so important
for your business?

Many small business owners hire a bookkeeper to have that extra peace of mind.

They know they are prepared for taxes, their records are organized, and most importantly they meet government requirements and regulations.

With proper bookkeeping you also get a better picture of business cash flow. That will help you in making future decisions regarding investments and other development of your business.

What documents are needed
for bookkeeping?

The list of all required documents would be quite long, so here are just a few examples:

  • Invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Receipts
  • Vehicle information
  • and many more…

Still have your receipts in a shoebox? Our bookkeepers at RMI LLP in Calgary will help you get organized and on track with your business numbers.

What to expect when working
with RMI in regards of my

You can schedule a free consultation with us, from there we will go through all your paperwork and assist you in getting started with the most appropriate bookkeeping procedure.

Or simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Bookkeeping team.

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