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RMI LLP (formerly RMI Professional Corporation) provides Corporate Structuring services to small businesses and medium-sized companies in Calgary and the area.

Working with companies of various sizes gives us the experience and expertise when it comes to the best ways to organize your business. 

A stable foundation is crucial for every business no matter the size. As your business grows, an in-depth analysis may be needed to map the current situation, discover viable future opportunities, and set achievable goals that resonate with your company’s vision. 

At RMI we take into consideration your unique challenges and circumstances to help you understand, explore, and accomplish.

What is a corporate structure?

The corporate structure is the way your business is organized to support your goals in the most beneficial way.

In Canada, there are 3 types of legal structures for business:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
It is important to understand what your options for business structure are, their advantages and disadvantages, and future tax implications.

Why do companies restructure?

Reasons for corporate restructuring can vary. The company might need to change its organizational structure or the decision can be based on financials such as needed cost reduction, debt consolidation, new investment opportunities, etc.

The goal, in most cases, is to eliminate inefficiencies and create a more stable and adequate framework. 

If you are not sure whether your business needs restructuring or not, book a Free consultation with RMI LLP today.

What are the benefits of corporate restructuring?

Restructuring your business can bring many benefits, for example:

  • Company’s value increase
  • Higher earnings
  • Empowerment
  • Repositioning on the market
  • Tax savings
  • Cost reduction

Our Corporate Structuring Services Include:

  • Corporate structuring and restructuring
  • Incorporating a new company
  • Establishing or updating class of shares for a new or existing corporation
  • Estate planning
  • Employee profit-sharing or stock option planning
  • Partnership or multiple shareholder planning
  • Planning for the future, including retirement

How to get started working with RMI on your corporate structure?

You can schedule a Free consultation with us. From there we will go through all the aspects of your business and then determine and advise you on the best corporate structure.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our corporate structuring team. You can also request a free consultation by submitting the form below.

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Canadian tax team.

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