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In Canada, taxation is shared between the federal government and various provincial and territorial legislatures.

Canada’s tax system is based on the self-assessment principle which means that you have to complete a tax return each year to report your income and calculate whether you owe tax or receive a refund.

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In your everyday life, whatever you are doing – domestically or internationally, for your business or yourself – has a direct or indirect tax consequence.

Compliance with tax laws is constantly evolving and can impact your business structure and operations in many different ways.

At RMI LLP (formerly RMI Professional Corporation) in Calgary, we emphasize a personalized approach to tax planning. For every business or individual, we recommend legal practices that will reduce your taxes based on your unique actual situation.

Our experienced tax accountants can assist both you and your business in saving income through incorporation, reorganization, income splitting, and appropriately structuring business purchases and sales.

Our Canadian Tax Services include:

  • Preparation of T-slips (T4, T4A, T5, T5018, etc.)
  • Correspondence with government agencies
  • Tax planning (Corporate restructuring, Income splitting, Structuring business purchases or sales, Estate planning, Succession planning
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