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What is Canadian personal
income tax?

Personal income tax in Canada is a type of tax that the government imposes on income generated by individuals. Federal tax rates range from 15-33% depending on your income level.
All provinces also have a provincial tax which would be additional (for example Alberta’s ranges from 10-12%), however, many tax deductions are available to reduce your income amounts and thus reduce your taxable income. Taking advantage of these is crucial in saving you tax dollars.

What is Canadian
tax year?

For most individuals in Canada the personal tax year runs January to December.

When are personal taxes
due and filed in Canada?

Personal taxes in Canada are due on April 30th of each year. Typically, filing of personal taxes is done between March 1st and April 30th of each year. If you have a sole proprietorship you can file by June 15th of the year, however any taxes you owe are still due by April 30th.

What are personal
tax deductions?

There are many deductions available, but some of the most common include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Child care costs
  • RRSP contributions
  • Donations

Some specific deductions exist as well such as credit for a first-time home buyer. It is best to talk to an accounting professional about your situation to make sure you are maximizing your deductions.

What do I need to file
my taxes in Canada?

To file your personal taxes in Canada, make sure you have all the tax slips that you might have received plus any details on other income you might have earned (i.e. rental income).

Whether you’re single or have a family, work full time or are self-employed, RMI LLP in Calgary is here to help you make your personal income tax filing simple.

What to expect when working
with RMI in regards of my
Canadian personal taxes?

Start with scheduling a consultation* with a member of our team. We will go through all your paperwork with you and assist you in filing your personal income tax return.

Simply call our office in Calgary and ask to speak with one of our Canadian tax accountants.

*Canadian Personal tax consultations are currently either included in our filing fees or can be arranged by appointment at at a rate of $250/hour.

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