RMI’s Tax Party 2022

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In celebration of all the hard work our team put in during the 2022 tax season, RMI hosted a Tax party last Friday.

We started with a lunch at the office and then moved on to our first activity which was the Locked Room

We split into 3 groups and got ourselves locked in. The task seemed simple – get outside as soon as possible. It was not as easy as you may think though, only 1 team actually managed to escape within the time limit. The other two teams got stuck and we haven’t seen them since. Jks 😉

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After escaping the locked rooms RMI’s fleet moved to the next location. This time for something even more dangerous – Axe throwing!

We had an hour to practice and then the competition started. It was a tough fight, indeed.

The two finalists of the axe throwing competition were Lavanya and Irfanali. And in the last elimination round Irfanali became the best axe thrower for the day!
(Btw, Irf’s team was also the one who escaped the locked room. There must be some luck involved?)

Small Business Accounting Firm

RMI’s Tax party was definitely a lot of fun. All of us enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one!


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