6 Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Firm for Your Business

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Finance and accounting can get cumbersome. Even if you have a certain level of a background in accounting, it will take the bulk of your precious time that could have been spent on your clients and services. Do you really want to think about record-keeping, compliance with regulatory laws, tax implications, financial statements, and so on?

Probably not, right? So how can you avoid the confusion? The answer is simple. Leave it to the professionals. Depending on your business size and risk exposure, you’ll have to consider the complexity of taxes, investment proposals, how much your business should retain in retained earnings every year and much more.

Here is a few of the tangible benefits that come with hiring a professional accounting firm.

1. Save Money on Business Costs

There are numerous ways a professional accountant can help you save on business operations. First of all, you will gain clear understanding of where your company stands financially.
Seeing your precise cash flow reports will help you find opportunities for safe business growth. You will know exactly where your money goes in terms of costs such as rents, insurance, interest rates, staff salaries etc. Targeting challenging areas will help liquidity and solvency of your business and give you a peace of mind at the same time.
And, last but not least, your accounting company will also keep you organized and accurate when filing your taxes.

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2. Gain Time to Focus on The Core of Your Business

Get yourself out of the tangles of accounting books. You started a business aiming to achieve your dreams. Now more than ever, your core business strategy is where you need to invest most of your time. With the help of accounting professionals you’ll be able to easily analyze the key business performance factors including the financial indicators. That will allow you formulate a coherent business strategy.
With extra time on hand you’ll be able to focus much more on your business expansion, effective marketing or sales targets and finally become truly of a CEO.

3. Avoid losses

Your business needs to oblige to statutory and compliance requirements. This includes corporate structure, record-keeping and filing taxes. It’s worth mentioning that tax compliance requirements change frequently making it arduous for business owners whose main focus is on their clients rather than latest taxation updates.
With bad reporting you are at loss, starting with wasted time spent on reconciling financial data, blind spots caused by inaccurate reports, your reputation can be at risk and really, who wants to pay penalties on late tax filing?

4. Protect Your Business

A common notion with financial auditing and record-keeping is to limit it to tax compliance. In fact, it brings more benefits to business than compliance. With a professional financial advisor, you’ll be embedding a culture of transparency and accountability from top to bottom.
Mitigating financial risks by eliminating discrepancies and inconsistencies comes cheaper than a failed business. Not to mention the risks of fraud and theft protection that every business may face.

5. Eliminate Financial Risks

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of the cash liquidity risks. There are certain financial risks that require professional advice, including:

  • What’s the optimum of debt financing and equity financing for your business?
  • How much debt financing is too much? Is debt financing always cheaper for a business?
  • What if the interest rates change in a year?
  • Do you import or export products? How can you mitigate the currency exchange risks?

If you’re managing your business well and have surplus accumulated cash reserve, you’ll need an expert’s advice on investments. Even before that, you’ll be indifferent between a debt payoff and an investment option.
The financial strategy of your business is a make or break decision, so make it a good one.

risk free accounting calgary

6. Keep up with the competition

The reality of financial advisory is changing. The digitization and accounting standards are transforming the way businesses used to manage accounting functions. More and more businesses are streamlining their financial and accounting tasks with professionals. If you don’t want to stay behind the competition and keep improving your business performance, embedding technology and seeking expert advice coherently is more important than ever.

Financial and accounting consultancy isn’t limited to financial record-keeping only. Your business will profit from professional advice on critical business tasks including tax, compliance, investments or corporate structure. An expert’s advice will turn your accounting data into financial insights.

Our team at RMI Professional Corporation in Calgary is ready to help you in taking the next step towards your business success. Contact us today to get started!

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