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Benefits of using a holding company in Canada

Have you ever thought about what is a holding company good for? Watch this video to find out why you might want to consider a holding company for your business. If you prefer reading, check out the transcription below the video. holding companies Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Irfanali Moledina with RMI Professional Corporation. I hope everyone had a great week. I’m back again and today, I just wanted to touch on the topics of holding companies. Every so often we meet

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Post-Covid economy, inflation and business

Watch this video with Irfanali’s perspective on the post-Covid economy, the dangers of inflation, its impact on business, and changes coming up in the accounting industry. If you prefer reading, check out the transcription below the video. Post-Covid economy Hello everyone. It’s Irfanali here from RMI once again. Today, I just want to touch on the impact of coming out of COVID-19, my personal thoughts on what I see happening in the economy going forward, as well just touch a little

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US taxes in Canada

U.S. taxation in Canada

U.S. taxation is a common topic that comes up often in conversation with our clients. Watch the video with a couple of Irfanali’s recommendations or if you prefer reading, follow the transcription below it. U.S. Taxation in Canada Good afternoon! It’s Irfanali here with RMI once again. I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week. Today I just want to touch in a little bit on U.S. taxation. It’s been a question we’ve been getting in our office quite often these

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Why Is Accounting Actually a Backbone of Your Business?

Christan Hiscock from Kardia Financial Group and Irfanali Moledina from RMI Professional Corporation got together to talk about why is accounting so important in business, about entrepreneurship, proper tracking of numbers, and other topics related to running a small business the right way. Watch the video or if you prefer reading, follow the transcription below. Have fun! What does it take to be a business owner ChristanOn today’s Finance Friday we are going to talk about what does it take

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Calgary Accountants

When to incorporate a business in Canada

“When should I incorporate my business? – is one of the common questions we get a lot of times. You can watch Irfanali’s answer in the video attached to this post or if you prefer reading, follow the transcription below the video. Enjoy! Sole proprietorship or incorporated Small Business? Good morning everybody. This is Irfanali with RMI Professional Corporation once again. I hope everyone’s had a fantastic week. I know we’ve been busy away during our tax time here. Today I

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Covid benefits Canada taxes

Are CERB and CRB benefits taxable?

The personal income tax deadline in Canada is fast approaching and we would like to share some information about CERB and CRB benefits for individuals and on CEBA support for business owners. If you prefer reading, follow the transcription below the video. Enjoy! Personal Income Tax deadline is at the end of april Good afternoon everyone. It’s Irfanali here with RMI Professional Corporation once again. I know we are at the beginning of April and so I just wanted to provide

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Tax deductions Canada

How to save money on taxes in Canada

With the tax season fully on we have asked our own Irfanali Moledina, the Managing Partner of RMI Professional Corporation, to share some tips on how to save money on taxes in Canada in this short video. If you prefer reading, follow the transcription below the video. Enjoy! Most commonly missed personal tax deductions Good morning everyone. It’s Irfanali Moledina from RMI Professional Corporation, here today to talk about some common missed personal tax deductions. This video is being recorded in March

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Tax deferred investing Canada

8 Tax Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

There are a variety of methods that small business owners can explore to improve their tax situation out there. Running your own business is a lot of work as it is, and like everybody else, you would want to keep as much of your profit as you can. However, it can be challenging to learn about Canadian tax savings on your own. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some tax-saving tips to help you improve your

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RMI Accountants Calgary

Winner of Top Choice Award in Accounting Services Category

RMI Professional Corporation is the winner for Accounting Services category in the 2021 Top Choice Award Survey! Top Choice Awards has announced the 2021 Top Choice Award Winners, the guide to our city’s most trusted businesses, and drum roll, please… WE WON! We are so proud to announce that we have been crowned the winner of the Top Choice Accounting Services Category of 2021 in the city of Calgary. This could not have been done without the dedication of our team

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risk free accounting calgary

6 Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Firm for Your Business

Finance and accounting can get cumbersome. Even if you have a certain level of a background in accounting, it will take the bulk of your precious time that could have been spent on your clients and services. Do you really want to think about record-keeping, compliance with regulatory laws, tax implications, financial statements, and so on? Probably not, right? So how can you avoid the confusion? The answer is simple. Leave it to the professionals. Depending on your business size and

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accountants in calgary staying safe during Covid 19

Covid-19 measures at RMI Professional Corporation

Year of 2020 is slowly coming to an end. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the Covid-19 that is still around forcing us to stay alert and cautious about not only our own health but also about the health of our family members, friends and colleagues. Even during this challenging time our office at RMI Professional Corporation in Calgary remains open to assist our fellow business owners and individuals with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. To ensure safety of our

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2021 Top Choice Award Nomination

RMI Professional Corporation is proud to announce that we are a 2021 Top Choice Award Nominee in the Accounting Services category! Now, we need your help to WIN! Voting is now open and if you feel that we have earned your vote, we would appreciate your support. Winning the Top Choice Award is one of the largest endorsements a business can receive within North America, so this is a BIG deal! Your vote will automatically enter you into a draw for

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RMI Accountants taking Covid 19 measures

Working through COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought upon challenging times and numerous changes. While the unprecedented times have interrupted plans for growth and development, our team and our Partners have taken steps to ensure the health, safety and mental well-being of our people and their families.  Outlined below are some of the steps that we’ve taken to ensure that our team had our complete support, was working effectively and efficiently through the pandemic. Our flexible working environment and the necessary technology provided a seamless transition

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File US taxes from Canada

Who Should be Filing U.S. Tax Returns?

Ever wondered if you should be filing U.S. Tax Return? What actually qualifies you to file your taxes in the USA? Is it the income? The residency? Or the citizenship?  Or all of the above? Find your answers below. Who is a U.S. Person in term of taxation? The U.S. Government levies income taxes on U.S. individuals based on their worldwide income. The following individuals would be considered a U.S. person for tax purposes: A U.S. (naturalized) Citizen A Green card

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Incorporating a business in Alberta

A corporation is an independent legal entity that exists separate and apart from its owners (shareholders). If you are unsure of how to structure your business (corporation, partnership or a sole proprietorship) it is recommended that you seek accounting advice before continuing. To incorporate a company in Alberta, you must complete 5 following steps: 1. CHOOSE A CORPORATION NAME You will need to choose a name to register your corporation in Alberta. Your business name must be unique and should consist

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